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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  July 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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praising a deficit pan and that comes as house republicans push a bill that some consider dead on arrival. craig bosswell has the top story tonight. >> reporter: president obama steps into the briefing room for an update on deficit talks and expressed optimism about a new plan offered by a bipartisan group of senators. >> my hope is that we can start gathering everybody over the next couple of days to choose a clear direction and to get the issue resolved. >> reporter: the new plan cuts $4 million over 10 years, overhauls medicare and medicade and reforms sessions -- portions of social security and the tax code. meantime, debate in the house signalled a vote ahead. the proposal and cap spending and require a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> the cap and ballot that will withhold spending to a level that we can afford. and the cut cap and balance act
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holes the debt ceiling hostage and will connection pass a constitutional a mondayment. >> reporter: the house republicans want the house budget amenment ahead of the vote to increase the debt ceiling. >> and requiring the balanced budget amendment is the most responsible thingy withco canco to address our problems today -- we can do to address our problems today. >> reporter: they say it doesn't stand a chance to raise time and the possibility of a u.s. default on obligations gets closer. >> if you don't do it 100% their way, they will allow the economy to go into a tailspin. >> reporter: president obama warned lawmakers it's down to the 11th hour and reaping an agreement. he's scheduling more white house talks and will include the new deficit reduction plan and on capitol hiller creation bosswell, fox 5 news. we're following breaks news right now in metro's red line. there are some serious escalator issues right now at the bethesda station. bob barnard is there lie. what do you know about -- there
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live. what do you know about this in. >> reporter: there is relief to report. in the last half hour, one of the escalators is back and working again. let's show you videotape. from 4:45 to until about 5:40 this afternoon. all three escalators here were down and out. one was already out for repairs, two failed. apparently the escalator going up had mechanical issues, they tried to reverse the down escalator and it went out and at the same time, the elevator is not works. they tell us to expect the number of failures to increase with heat and that is what happened here this afternoon. metro riders not happy about it. >> and this is terrible. it's hot and doesn't make sense. the elevators now out of service; which -- is on leaving
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you in an impossible situation, you know, the people are going up and down on the same escalator. >> reporter: mr. william malone having issues. fortunately by the time he came into the station, the up escalator was working again and that is a long distance. metro said that they have approved overtime for escalator and elevator repair crews this week as we approached hotter days and some tracking in crews. the heat can king the rails and many issues facing metro rider here in this mid-atlantic, laura. >> and we need to be prepared for problems. bob barnard, thank you very much. and want to, a man from fairfax county is in jail after he was arrested and charged as acting as an agent. and that arrest happened this mother. this afternoon, he was in court to face a federal judge in alexandrea. tom fit earl was in court as
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well. what -- tom fitzgerald was in court. what is this about? >> reporter: well is this involves the pakistan intelligence service known as the isi. this is not a espionage or spying case but involves the violation of u.s. law. it defended failed to work with the u.s. justice department he was working as a paid lobbyist period of time pakistan -- for the pakistani government. >> the people would like to -- >> seen here on youtube when it came to pakistan and india's dispute over the territory of cashmere, sayed fayh has been the pro-pakistani voice in washington for 20 years. and migrated from cashmere to pakistan. >> reporter: the fbi said he was not just a pr man for kashmir's independence but a paid agent of the pakistani government's notorious intelligence agency, the isi. on tuesday, the fbi raided five d.c. offices -- offices of the
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kashmiry american couple. the website bills itself as a nap profit group that educates america about kashmir. the 62-year-old also worked out of this house in fairfax where he was arrested. according to the federal indictment, he not only lobbied on behalf of pakistan but was paid by its intelligence agency and in violation of u.s. law. he was a paid lobe yesterday of the foreign government is required to rester with the justice department. the indictment said that he received $4 million from the isi since the 1990s to cover up the payments officials say another man charged, zayer ahmedh unnamed individuals pay fayh and they were reimbursed by pakistan. the federal officials declined to talk on camera, but the fbi assistant in charge issued a
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statement saying, quote, foreign governments who try to influence the united states by using unregistered agents threaten our national security. we talked to two of the officers of the congress who received campaign: 00s from fayh. congressman dan burton of indiana and joe pitts of pennsylvania. they both said they were surprised by the news and had no idea he was charged or was acting as a foreign agent on the register with the justice department. burton's office tells us he's donated the amount of $8,000, that is how much he got to the boy cutes of america and -- boy scouts of america and pitts said he got $2,000. he can get up to 5 years in prison and face a quarter of a million fine. and thank you for the update there. we're following a severe weather alert. lighting up with severe thunderstorm warnings. popping up in part of that area. you see it there and sue palka
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is tracking the system. what do you know about this? >> reporter: these go until 6:45 and that tomorrow is looks like it's rotating a bit and this is going to concern northern loudoun county be southwestern frederick county, and northwestern jefferson county. we are watching the storm and that is moving south to 25 miles per hour. it does look like it might have gusty winds and then we're going to keep a cross eye on it, west of frederick and to charlestown and try -- indicate there is rotation with the storm and it could be capable of producing winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. and near you and moving south at 25. the warnings go until 645time, i'll keep a close eye on it for you. >> a quick question and that rotation there, is that rotation or it has a potential of? good question. what it means is that the storm is rotating at the upper levels of the storm and it will be more concerned if we were seeing that lower in the storm and that indicates to us that
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it's one that needs to be watched. that doesn't necessarily mean it's capable of producing a tornado at this point and there is some rotation with it and that means the storm is rotating in the lower portions and it will certainly get our attention in a big hurry and we're going watch it. >> thank you. the hacking scandal in the uk taking a dramatic turn. and the new bomb shell dropped by an expert who testified at the casey anthony trial. and pretty safe to say that this won't be the photo making the weeing bum. why a bride got busted on her big day. we'll be right back. 
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>> high drama inbrate ape as news corp chairman rupert murdoch, his son janes and former news of the world editor
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rebekah brookes testified about the phone hacking scandal that gripped the country for weeks now and shawn yancy has more on today's proceedings. >> reporter: when rupert murdoch addressed lawmakers, he seemed confused and flustered. the moments in the proceedings, a protestor interrupted the hearing and take a look. >> oh. >> a man tried to throw a foam pie into his face. wendy, the wife in the jacket quickly tried to s.w.a.t. it away. the police arrested the man. the hearing continued 10 minutes later, he continued the testimony saying while he's the ceo of the company that hacks phones, he's not responsible for what happened. >> and do you accept ultimately you're responsible for the whole fee sassco? no. >> you're not responsible some. >> who is? >> the people that trusted and then maybe the people they trusted.
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i was -- for 52 years and i would trust him with my life. >> and murdoch was referring to the head of news international when much of the phone hacking is believed to have taken place. hinton resigned as ceo of dow jones where he ran the "wall street journal." murdoch has no plans to resign. he and his son jails apologized for the scandal and telling the british lawmakers the company acted quickly and transparently as it could when it found out what happened. rebekah brookes testified. tomorrow, the british prime minister will address about the scandal. news corp is the parent company of fox 5. a computer expert who testified in the casey anthony trial, dropping a bombshell about the case. according to "the new york times," the man who designed the software that led to the prosecution, led the prosecution to believe that there were extensive searches on the word "chloroform" said there was an error in the
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program. ion bradley said the chloroform website was only visited once and not 84 times as suggested at trial. bradley said he realized the error after testifying but before the trial was over and said he alerted the sheriff's office and prosecutors but the jury was never told. and not exactly the wedding day this bride dreamed of. the 53-year-old tammy lee hipton was arrested in michigan saturday after saying i do. she was wanted on a three-year- old warrant for felony identity theft. police found out she would be in up to for her wedding. she was released on bail and made it to the end of her recession and was due back on court in monday and didn't show up. officers are again looking for her. >> she ignored the calls from colleagues to step down immediately. coming up, we'll take to you prince georges count where he emballed councilwoman leslie johnson attended her lasting is. and first, youtube i'm last session. first, the youtube infamous clorox stage is going up for bail and will be available after the band wraps up the
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tour in canada this month. takes four days to put the stage together. it can withstand high winds and seize mechanic activities. suggested options include using it as a attraction at a theme park, a pavilion at the olympics or biodome.
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>> embattled prince georges county councilwoman leslie johnson ignored the pleas of her colleagues and showed up anyway for the final legislative session before the summer recess. johnson said she would resign at the end of the month and fellow lawmakers wanted her to go away sooner. karen gray houston is back now from upper marlboro and how did that last session go? >> reporter: laura, if you were watching and didn't know all the drama behind it all, you would think it was business as usual. leslie johnson came to work and voted on legislation and even
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though her council colleagues cut off funding to the office and took away crucial office supplies and equipment. leslie johnson's presence was noted from the beginning. >> good morning here. >> reporter: from the role call to a request of a county pastor. >> i would like the pastor to pray for the family of mr. david wayne williams who was killed in his distribute 6 home this past week. >> reporter: it was as if nothing had happened. and both she and her husband jack johnsonning the former county executive, are awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to charges of public corruption. >> i'm hurt. >> reporter: some county residents watching the action in the county administration building were embarrassed and upset. >> i considered it a distraction. >> and why doing she's manage still? out of sight. >> the family's hurting and the council is hurting. i know that the constituents of prince georges county that they're hurting as well. >> reporter: council members
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and officials seem somewhat surprised by johnson's defiance. >> and we tried to limit some way the county car, cell phone, computer, we try to limit those things and, you know, the state law said that she does have a right to be here. >> i think that people are eager to move forward. all of us are eager to move forward and to have this behind us. >> not everyone was outraged that johnson had the gal to be here. >> she has the right to be here if she wants to be here. she's doing her job. at least we can't say she's collecting a paycheck and not showing up at work. >> reporter: we tried to see if johnson would talk to us but she avoided us and told us through a spokeswoman she was unavailable for comment. maryland law doesn't require johnson to step down until her sentencing set for october 13th and on charges of evidence, and continues to collect a weekly paycheck until the end of the month. laura. >> thank you. and we are seeing problems with the heat. we saw bob barnard earlier
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talking about the issues at bethesda metro. >> and it was everyone in today. >> oh. and that is warmer than we expected it to be. not by much but a few degrees. >> and maybe the heat is starting to -- . >> it is. >> to accumulate. >> and i think that it will be cumulative as we are concerned about and the humidity, wow, it's really something. what we are getting tonight is a will bit of relief and in the form of thunderstorms -- thunderstorms. some are strong, though. i want you to see radar here and just south of the district, moving toward alexandrea west of frame copa, we have a -- franconia and these are not severe. we're going to show you the severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued and for that, we're going to switch over to the sentinel radar here and that will show you to the north where we have the box around the hagerstown area. it's for frederick, jefferson, loudoun and until 6:45 and that is not affecting all of the
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counties. it's here within the polygon that you can see the areas we have to watch as the storm is moving through the region and that does affect portions of all of the counties and this is the immediate area as the storm is singing to the south at 25 miles per hour and that we have to watch. south of boonsboro, looks like it's moved on through and northwest, northeast of martinsburg and it looks like it's cleared your area. a lot of lightning with it and we think it's capable of producing winds gusting to 60 and not seeing the rotation we were seeing before. that could produce hail and that is what we're analyzing here. you can see the hail is falling out of it and the path of the storm, sort of on the western side of the polygon and updated. you see that moving south to 25 miles per hour. the big updraft with it and it's capable of hail and we'll monitor it to make sure it doesn't try to rotate. we get to some seens from that a bit ago and that is why that storm is warned with the severe thunderstorm warnings until 6:45. and meanwhile, it's hot and so
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humidity at 97. dallas cooler; bwi, 95 degrees and around the region we go. yeah, definitely as warm and we know and are advertising the fact that it's going to be getting worse. look across the country. the big heat, again, still the core of it to the west and 99 degrees today and witchta, getting up to minneapolis and the actual heat index was 120 degrees and that is in minneapolis and grave concern the heat warning is expandding and into our region. we have seen a heat watch issued for thursday afternoon and that means it's going to feel like 110 degrees with air temperatures, 98 to the low $100s and the evening storms possible for us, 79 degrees and we're not cool at night and tomorrow, back to 95 degrees and we'll be 92 as early as noon and it will feel hotter on all of these days and speaking
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of feeling hotter, the core of it is thursday through sunday with friday possibly getting as high as 103 degrees and saturday about 1021 and we know it will feel worse and -- 101 and prepare yourself and do all of the running around you need to do and to fill your car up with gas now and not the way to do it in the heat of 103 degrees on a friday. >> good idea. >> and i think of this as preparing for a snowstorm. >> yeah. >> and the heat onslaught. >> yup. >> thanks, sue. a resolution. appears to be in the labor dispute. dave feldman will fill us in on where both sides stand right now. that is up next.
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the washington redskins may have to push back training camp with the other 31 teams and that is done by friday, the free agency falls on monday and there could be, could be a
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pushback to the start of camp and right now, washington is scheduled to open camp on thursday the 28th and the nfl players association cutive committee gathered in washington today to prepare for possible votes on an grant in principle to end the lockout. the owners will vote to ratify any new collective bargaining agreement at a special meeting thursday in atlanta. the georgia power is a spokesman for the players. >> and that has been a long day and long night, players are working hard to do the right thing. for -- and lay the groundwork for the rest of the week. and that is pretty much it. >> we get to use the facility right away and then -- . >> keep back in. and a whole bunk you that messed out when you're unemployed and to kick back in and see the coaches, you know, get back to feeling like normal again and get back into your routine and get ready for the season. >> we need it, right?
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yesterday steven strasburg pitched a simulated game in vero, florida and maxed out at 95 miles per hour. nasa hoping he could return to the mound as early as mid- september. >> last night, the pitcher gave the nats what they needed against the astros. a quality long start. marquis went 8 innings and matching the season high with nine strikeouts. the previous three games the bullpen was needed to pitch 49p knowings. -- 14 innings with a 5-2 victory over siteson. the mavs improve to 48-48. and it's been a busy offseason for the capitals. the team hill the annual developmental camp. coal zig held his job and now acquisitions troy brower and ward were introduced. today, another new cap. signing's two-year deal worth $7 million on july 1st and is expected to be paired with mike green. the czech native played in
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1,311 career games, the second most active among defensemen. after four years with the canadians, 47 year -- canadiens, the 47-year-old comes to d.c. >> and that is to -- and i am still -- a few years to last to play good hockey and this is a good opportunity to play for a good team and hopefully make some damage in the play-offs and the cup. >> today is day no one of the nba lockout. the league released next year's schedule and the wizards open the season at hold november 2p against the mets and it may not matt matter, though. >> thank you very much. of course, now you have the news edge. check out  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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